Principal Investigator


Shawn G. Kwatra, MD

Associate Professor of Dermatology
Director, Johns Hopkins Itch Center

Dr. Kwatra is an international leader in chronic itch, inflammatory skin diseases, and skin of color research. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed publications and is currently funded by the NIH and multiple foundations. Dr. Kwatra’s areas of clinical expertise include general dermatology, chronic pruritus, prurigo nodularis, atopic dermatitis, and dermatology for ethnic skin. Dr. Kwatra’s primary clinical and translational research interest is in the pathogenesis and treatment of chronic pruritus. 


Laboratory Members

Carly Dillen, PhD

Research Program Manager

Thomas Pritchard, MPH

Research Coordinator

Ali Alajmi, MD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Olusola Oladipo, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Shihua Chen, BS

Postgraduate Student

Jeni Zhang, BS

Postgraduate Student

Dustin Dikeman, MS

Sr. Research Specialist

Hannah Cornman, BS

Research Fellow

Anusha Kambala, BS

Research Fellow

Mindy Szeto, MS

Medical Student

Lillian Xu, BA

MD/PhD Student

Melika Marani, BS

Medical Student

Kevin Lee, BA

Medical Student


Waleed Adawi, MS

Medical Student

Isabelle Brown, BS

Medical Student

Una Choi, BA

Medical Student

Shrey Bhatt

Undergraduate Student

Sreenidhi Sankararaman

Undergraduate Student

Ryan Zhao

Undergraduate Student


Nishadh Sutaria, MD


Varsha Parthasarathy, BS


Junewen Deng, BA


Sophie Roh, MD


Kyle Williams, MD


Micah Belzberg, MD


Amy Huang, MD


Katherine Whang, MD

Shannon Wongvibulsin, MD/PhD